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"Move the body, still the mind,

nourish the soul"




Salt for the soul

The practice of yoga helps us to find our focus and concentration in the midst of distraction and unsteadiness. As we deepen our practice we are able to center our energy, connect with our true essence and find the light that resides within each of us. With time, this inner compass guides us home, discovering our true self on and off our mats.


The soul within me,
sees and honors the soul within you.


Outdoor Yoga Class


Salt Soul Yoga is a community of yoga teachers and wellness advocates on a mission to connect and grow - mind, body and spirit - individually and collectively. Through yoga and nature, we create space to disconnect from everyday stresses and return to our roots. Slowing down, moving and listening to our bodies, mindfully breathing and being present - these are the moments that bring us back to our focus.

Our offerings include light-hearted classes that supports all levels of of the yoga practice. In honoring each student's unique journey, we create a safe space as the student navigates their own personal path through mindful movement and pranayama. With community and connection at the center of our mission, our focus is to provide opportunities for every body to experience a conscious lifestyle supported through holistic wellness.

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