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Meet The Tribe



Kristin was introduced to yoga nearly 20 years ago and has since practiced many modalities, including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin, all of which influence her classes. As the benefits of yoga began to deeply impact her life, she became inspired to further her studies and share yoga with those around her, including her family. Kristin has received certifications for 200 RYT, Yin Yoga and Thai Yoga from Yoga Salt of Wilmington, along with many workshops to deepen her understandings and is currently studying for certification in Ayurvedic practices as well.

Kristin's classes are light-hearted while bringing slow and mindful movement and breathwork, encouraging students to be present and to let go of daily distractions and doubts. Each class will find you rooted in fundamentals that will build a strong foundation and bring continued curiosity to return to the practice. Kristin believes that the practice of yoga is ever-expanding, welcoming to all seasons of life and with time grows by applying what we learn on the mat into our lives off the mat as well.



Dylan is a 500 hour certified yoga teacher. He completed is 200 hr YTT in 2020 in Wilmington and received his 300 hr YTT in Costa Rica, both with Tamal Dodge at Yoga Salt. He has also received additional trainings in Thai Massage and Yin Yoga with Sesa O'Connor. Dylan's classes are a mixture of power yoga and yin yoga, with focus on the structure of the body and alignment. Along with benefits that come from the physical practice, Dylan includes meditation and the philosophy of yoga in his classes so that you can gain the mental and spiritual benefits as well.



Anthony began his yoga journey several years while seeking physical and mental benefits to enhance his jiu jitsu training. After discovering the powerful healing practice of yoga, Anthony went on to complete is 200 YTT with Tamal Dodge at Yoga Salt of Wilmington. He attributes many amazing transformations in his life to the discovery of yoga and has a desire to share that opportunity with others. Anthony's offerings focus around the breath while strengthening the mind, body and spirit with mindful connection. 



Kyla was introduced to yoga as a young child from her family. Over the years Kyla found that yoga was more than just a physical practice. She found that the practice of yoga helped to bring comfort and peace of mind when she needed it most. Kyla decided to further her understanding of yoga in her 200 hr YTT with Tamal Dodge at Yoga Salt of Wilmington. She also completed additional trainings for Yin Yoga and Thai Yoga with Sesa O'Connor. Kyla enjoys guiding others on the mat and helping them to see how the benefits of yoga can improve their lives beyond the mat. Kyla's classes are focused on power to build strength and confidence, with mindful movement and intentional breath work. 

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